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​Demolition of Ugly Electrical Installation in La Palma

Demolition of Ugly Electrical Installation in La Palma

The electrical installation along the Avenida Maritima in the City of Santa Cruz de La Palma built in early 2017, and known locally as Mamotreto, is going to be demolished.

It seems that this electrical installation was located in a space declared as an Asset of Cultural Interest since the 1970s, and this unit is four metres long and two metres high, and is part of the equipment needed for the electric supply for the beach area.

There have been continuous complaints from various political opposition parties and neighbourhood groups, until the Historical Patrimony of the Government of La Palma finally took responsibility to resolve this matter, as it is a protected environment.

The technical systems that it contained have already been transferred to the National Parador Hotel that houses the island offices.

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