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​Latest Trends in Renewable Energy in Lanzarote Exhibition

Latest Trends in Renewable Energy in Lanzarote Exhibition

This week Lanzarote looked to the future with the Expo Energia Exhibition, which showed trends in renewable energy, energy efficiency and electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

This exhibition attempted to explain self-consumption systems, photovoltaic energy, geothermal energy, solar thermal energy, wind energy and offshore energy with a broad programmed of informative talks on different types of renewable energy systems. Visitors to the exhibition learned about saving money by using these energies in their homes and company buildings.

The greatest attraction of this event was Ecocasa, a house of the future, powered by photovoltaic solar energy for light, thermosolar for hot water and aerothermal for radiant heat from the wind. The architects for this creation were the students of the Electricity and Renewable Energies of the Integrated Vocational Training Centre, where the event took place.

Ecocasa also has a charger for electric vehicles at the door, and parked by the side of this house of the future was the Tesla X, which represents a 100% electric vehicle, and is priced at a healthy 150,000 euros.

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