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​Woman in Lanzarote Investigated for Online Stalking

Woman in Lanzarote Investigated for Online Stalking

The Guardia Civil this week released a statement that explained that it is investigating a woman in the Municipality of Tias in Lanzarote who is alleged to have committed the crime of coercion, commonly called stalking, on another person through the Internet and social networks.

The Guardia Civil explained that this investigation began a month ago, when the victim of this stalking contacted the police to complain that his image had been damaged, he had been harassed by numerous telephone calls from a hidden number and with a huge number of WhatsApp messages.

In addition, pretending to the victim, the alleged stalker stole photos and data from the victim’s profile and created new ones by hiding her identity and adding friends and acquaintances to damage the victim’s image and honour. She was distributing intimate photos of when they had been a couple. This also included making humiliating comments and insults to family and friends of the victim.

This report explains that the Penal Code 2015, Article 172, defines harassment or continuous stalking as a crime and defines this as persistent harassment of one person over another, so that it seriously alters the development of his life every day. This can include spying, following in the street, constantly calling, sending gifts, sending letters or messages, writing the victim’s name in public places, and committing violent acts against the victim or family and friends of the victim.

Stalking can lead to prison terms of three months and up to two years, and fines.

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