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​Army Personnel Die in Fuerteventura After Vehicle Overturns

Army Personnel Die in Fuerteventura After Vehicle Overturns

Two army personnel, Corporal Jose Luis Leon Socorro and Private Eynar Esau Mina Lozano, both from the XVI Zapata Battalion, died earlier this week, and two others were injured after an accident when an armoured vehicle in which they were travelling overturned during manoeuvres in Fuerteventura.

The armoured vehicle with the four soldiers inside overturned for reasons that are still being investigated during routine manoeuvres in the shooting range of Pajara.

This military exercise involved a total of 600 military personnel and 100 vehicles that fulfilled an annual training programme for this Brigade. These activities were intended to complement others that take place each year in Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

The XVI Zapata Battalion is deployed in the Canary Islands, but units also participate in international operations, such as in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan.

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