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​Human Chain Formed to Stop Felling of Trees in Gran Canaria

Human Chain Formed to Stop Felling of Trees in Gran Canaria

More than a hundred people this week formed a human chain in the Municipality of Tejeda to protest the felling and transplanting of trees to create an open commercial area in the town.

The local residents’ association Avete claimed it spoke for the residents of this town in opposing what they describe as ‘pruning arboricide’ and chanted slogans against the Mayor to stop the felling of trees.

The President of this residents’ association, Alonso Cruz Cabrera, explained that the trees affected by this felling were between 50 and 70 years old, and in some cases over 100 years. He claimed that they should continue to live, and “although they belong to the vegetable kingdom, they are living beings like any of us.”

Dressed in green shirts with the motto, ‘Tejeda is not sold, Tejeda defends itself’, the protestors walked the streets of the town for an hour to end up in front of the Town Hall to read a manifesto in defence of the trees.

These protestors called on other Canary Islands residents to support the struggle of the inhabitants of Tejeda, since, “the transplant or felling is a mistreatment of trees.”

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