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​New Bus Route for La Gomera

New Bus Route for La Gomera

This week the Government of La Gomera announced that there will be a new bus route that connects Vallehermoso and Valle Gran Rey, and it is estimated that this bus route will carry around 720 passengers each week. The hope that this improved transport link with strengthen the cohesion of residents in these regions, as well as improve the transit of residents and tourists between the south and north of the island.

Casimiro Curbelo, President of La Gomera, said that the transport of passengers across the island will be improved by this new bus route, and is another step to promote the use of public transport and facilitate better mobility, as well as contribute to the greater cohesion of the island.”

He also stressed that this bus route was important, because it would increase the economic and tourist activity in both locations, as well as incorporating the operations of two ferry companies that operate from Puerto de Vueltas. He explained that residents will have better access to local services, but also allow better mobility for tourists who take hiking holidays across the northwest region of the island.

The new bus route will have 6 daily departures from Monday to Saturday, and 4 on Sundays and fiesta days. This will mean 40 weekly return journeys that begin from 06.30 from Vallehermoso and end at 18.30 with last departure from Valle Gran Rey. Bus fares will cost from one euro for short journeys and 4 euros for the complete route between the two municipalities. Eighteen-seater buses will first be used, but these could be replaced by 28 and 35 seater buses.

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