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​Air Accident Simulation in El Hierro

Air Accident Simulation in El Hierro

This week the island of El Hierro hosted CANASAR 2018, which is an aerial accident simulation exercise that takes place annually across the Canary Islands.

Members of the Maritime Rescue, Guardia Civil and Policia Local, as well as aircraft of the Air Force involving a plane and two helicopters, a GES helicopter and another from the Guardia Civil, a plane, helicopter and sea rescue ship and a Red Cross ship participated in this simulation exercise, in which an incident suffered by a plane that had taken off on the island of Tenerife was simulated.

Students from IES Garoe and IES Los Cristianos de Tenerife schools also took part and acted as victims of the accident.

The Spanish Air Force led the exercise in which nearly 400 people participated, and which was watched by international representatives from Portugal, Cape Verde, Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal.

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