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​Clean Seas Campaign in Gran Canaria

Clean Seas Campaign in Gran Canaria

The Maritime Rescue responders in Gran Canaria used World Oceans Day this week to become directly involved in collecting garbage through the Clean Seas Campaign across the north coast of the island.

This Clean Seas Campaign is a body that seeks to awaken consciences of residents and tourists, and to ensure the coastline remains free of plastics.

These lifesaving rescuers have become accustomed to seeing plastics and other garbage of the ocean from the air, but this week the crew of the Maritime Rescue of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria decided to get off their helicopters, and pick up this rubbish with their own hands.

These Maritime Rescue responders started on the coast of Moya, but now intend to repeat this initiative once a month across the entire coastline of Gran Canaria.

They report that it is their way of contributing to World Oceans Day and the environment, which every year receives 10 million tons of garbage, and mostly plastics, and point out that most marine rubbish comes from terrestrial activities.

It is hoped that this action that fights against marine pollution will also call for more public effort to prevent the oceans becoming the dumping grounds of the planet.

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