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​Protests Against Budget Cuts for Agriculture in Canary Islands

Protests Against Budget Cuts for Agriculture in Canary Islands

The Government of the Canary Islands and representatives of 22 associations of the agriculture sector that involve 13,000 local producers have signed a document to form a common front against the 3.9% cuts announced by the European Union for the Community Programme of Support for Agricultural Production in the Canary Islands, known as POSEI-Agriculture, from the next budgetary period.

The reductions announced for the period from 2021 to 2027, which appear in the first advance of the European budget for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), are claimed by the Government of the Canary Islands to threaten to truncate the growth of the agricultural sector, but vital for these islands.

The budget decrease in the CAP proposed by the European Commission would affect both the POSEI and the Specific Supply Regime (REA) and the Rural Development Plan (PDR).

In the case of the Specific Supply Regime (REA), community aid would decrease from 72.7 million euros per year to 69.9 million euros, while in the case of the Canary Islands, it would decrease from 268 million euros to 257 million euros, and eleven million euros less per year.

The minimum commitment that had been reached with the governments of the three European states with outermost regions, Spain, France and Portugal, was to at least maintain the current aid in the next EU budget, which explains the concerns about the first budget proposals, and the Government of the Canary Islands wants not only to maintain these funds, but to increase them.

The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Water, Narvay Quintero, explained at this meeting that the need to reduce the budget of the European Union should not affect the outermost regions, because the agricultural production of the Canary Islands cannot compete on equal terms in a free market scenario.

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