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​Canary Islands President Visits Cuba and America

Canary Islands President Visits Cuba and America

The President of the Canary Islands Government, Fernando Clavijo, this week visited Cuba to strengthen relations between the islands. His meeting with Vice President of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Cuban Economy, Ricardo Cabrisas and with the Minister of Economy, Rodrigo Malmierca in Havana provided opportunities to enhance the friendship and economic relations between the Canary Islands and Cuba, because these two island territories share close historical ties.

At these meetings, Fernando Clavijo said that he wanted to open discussions on the economy in sectors related to renewable energy, industry and tourism, so that we can learn from each other to intensify economic exchanges.

This official visit to Havana by the President of the Canary Islands marks 8 years since the previous visit, and Fernando Clavijo invited representatives of the Cuban Government to make an official visit to the Canary Islands in the near future.

The President of the Canary Islands also used this visit to meet with representatives of the Canarian community living in Cuba, and are the largest group of Spanish people who travelled to Cuba many years ago for work. The President also said “It makes my hair stand on end at this meeting to realise that we could all have a relative, grandfather or great grandfather who travelled to Cuba.”

Following this meeting in Cuba, the President of the Canary Islands flew to the USA to accompany the King and Queen of Spain for their first visit to various cities in the States of Louisiana and Texas, and will also be accompanied by Josep Borrell, the new Minister of Foreign Affairs of the European Union Parliament.

Fernando Clavijo joined the reception given to the King and Queen in New Orleans, and visited San Bernardo, which was founded by early Canary Islands settlers, as well as one of the cities that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Finally, the President of the Canary Islands travelled with the King and Queen to San Antonio in Texas, which this year celebrates the 300thanniversary of its founding, and will meet the Association of Descendants of the Canary Islands. This sounds a wonderful opportunity to remember the close historical links between the Canary Islands and Cuba and the southern states of the USA, and to strengthen the relationship with distant communities whose families had travelled from the Canary Islands so many years ago.

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