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​Gran Canaria Hospital Pioneers Laser Eye Surgery

Gran Canaria Hospital Pioneers Laser Eye Surgery

This week the Insular Hospital in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria became the 8thmedical centre is all of Spain to offer femtosecond laser eye surgery, which is used for patients with cataracts or malformation of the cornea.

Therefore, patients who live in the south of Gran Canaria and those who live in Fuerteventura will be the first to benefit from this new laser eye surgery technique.

The femtosecond laser guarantees more precise results, making the work of the ophthalmologist and the health care system more productive.

The femtosecond laser is a device capable of emitting pulses of ultrashort laser light, which are counted in femtoseconds. These pulses are emitted at a wavelength of 1053nm which makes it possible to traverse the transparent tissues of the eye.

When they impact, they produce the so-called photodisruption and photoionisation effect, creating a plasma point of 1 to 3 microns in diameter and an acoustic shock that forms a micro-bubble of cavitation that separates the tissue. When thousands of impacts are placed in succession and together at high speed, a transparent fabric can be cut.

It is currently used in ophthalmology in corneal surgery and cataract surgery. In the cornea, it is used in transplants and in refractive surgery.

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