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Kramer Parrot Now Eradicated from La Palma

Kramer Parrot Now Eradicated from La Palma

After two and a half years of work, the Kramer Parrot, an invasive species spread throughout the Canary Islands, has been eliminated from the natural environment of La Palma. This week, this was corroborated by two months of observations, since the beginning of April, in which no trace of these parrots was found.

In two specific point of Breña Alta, up to 70 pairs of this species had been counted, which prompted the need to act for their control and eradication since December 2015, as a result of complaints by farmers on the island for the damage caused to crops by these parrots.

In this campaign, the insular services of Environment and Emergencies and of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing had participated, along with the coordination of a world expert in the control and eradication of exotic birds.

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