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​Atrocity of Civil War Remembered in Gran Canaria

Atrocity of Civil War Remembered in Gran Canaria

In 1939, ten men were tied into sacks with heavy stones, and then thrown into the sea off the coast of Gran Canaria, as reprisals for having ideas contrary to the Franco regime of this time of Fascism in Spain.

Almost 80 years have passed, but now, at the point where they were deliberately killed by drowning, a sculpture has been placed, so that the memory of these ten men and the atrocities that took place during the Spanish Civil War are not lost.

Relatives and representatives of several associations of victims of the Franco regime reported they were grateful for this sculpture, as a token of remembrance for those who lost their lives, because they questioned the political actions of the Government of Franco.

This was an emotional experience for all those who attended this event, and an opportunity to remember loved ones, who died so long ago.

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