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​Support Programme in Tenerife for Care Givers

Support Programme in Tenerife for Care Givers

The City Council of Arona in Tenerife this week launched the “Take Care of You” project, which is intended to take care of residents who are currently care givers for dependent relatives.

This project is seen as a way to support, protect and offer help to people who take care of others, and often without support for themselves. The project offers group therapies and other activities with psychologists to give much needed support to care givers.

The theme of the “Take Care of You” project is to persuade care givers to remember that they should not forget about themselves.

Arona is one of the municipalities with the most aging population in the Canary Islands, and there are many local residents who give care to their family members, who are dependent on them. Sometimes, it is reported that it is difficult for care givers to not attend and help their dependent relatives.

This project has been widely appreciated by local care givers in Arona. This project will last for seven months, and will be focused on both current care givers and former care givers, with a full team of psychologists who aim to make life a little easier for these dedicated people.

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