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​Shelter for Homeless People in Tenerife Opens

This week ‘La Buena Estrella’ or Good Star shelter for homeless people opened in the south of the island thanks to the NGO Asociacion Comedor Social, which normally focuses on meals for those in social need.

Thanks to this Buena Estrella centre, homeless people in the south of Tenerife can spend the night under shelter, and has quickly become a place of welcome that covers the basic needs of those who have less than others on the island.

For people like Andres, 65 years old and unemployed, and previously only received help from food banks, but has been in a vulnerable situation with nowhere to live each night, and trapped in poverty.

Another homeless person who now uses this shelter is Musa, who originally came from Senegal, and has been living in Tenerife for over 20 years, but suffers from an eye disease that has left him with only 10% vision.

People without resources and in situations of helplessness can now look to Buena Estrella shelter to have a space in which they can share their experiences and receive the help they need to cope with day-to-day challenges.

This overnight centre has become the only place of welcome for people in extreme need in the south of Tenerife.

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