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​Trying to Solve the Traffic Problems of Tenerife

Trying to Solve the Traffic Problems of Tenerife

The Government of Tenerife this week announced it is seeking alternatives to solving the serious traffic problems that affect thousands of residents every day.

The current traffic congestion on both the northern and southern motorways causes serious travel problems.

The President of the Government of Tenerife, Carlos Alonso, this week held a meeting with the Confederation of Companies to discuss possible solutions.

Alonso presented a new travel plan for the island, which includes new infrastructures aimed to promote greater use of public transports, such as the bus-vao lanes, implementation of a southern train and extension of the existing tram system. Also, he wants to encourage the use of public transport, such as improving the current bus network, and with more vehicles and lower fares.

The goal is that getting on a bus or tram should be more convenient and cheaper. Alonso said that he believes the Government needs more measures that seek to reverse the current use of private vehicles, which would substantially improve current traffic congestion. At the moment, he informed the meeting, “three out of four trips in Tenerife are made by private vehicles.”

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