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​Police Officers in Fuerteventura Accused of Falsifying Evidence

Police Officers in Fuerteventura Accused of Falsifying Evidence

This week the Provincial Court of Las Palmas is holding a trial in Puerto del Rosario against two agents of the Policia Nacional for crimes committed 14 years ago.

The two agents of the Policia Nacional, Antonio Cabrera Marichal and Jose Alvaro Novegil Dopazo, are being tried as alleged perpetrators of falsehood in public documents, false accusations and illegal detention.

These events date back to the end of January 2004, when the police officers, according to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, decided to launch a plan with the purpose of simulating the commission of an alleged crime against public health on the part of alleged drug traffickers by arresting four people, for which they decided to mount a police operation around them. It was later shown that the seized substances had allegedly been placed by the accused police officers.

The trial of these police officers was held in 2008, but years later the Supreme Court suspended their sentences. The criminal activity by these police officers now returns to the courts of Puerto del Rosario, where the two defendants, four witnesses and other police agents who formed part of this original plot to falsify evidence to charge and detain people for trafficking drugs will be questioned in court.

The prosecution is asking for 14 years in prison, but it is not ruled out that this request could increase.

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