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New Speed Limit on Tenerife Motorway

New Speed Limit on Tenerife Motorway

The Directorate General of Traffic this week lowered the speed limit along the TF-2 motorway, which is the connection between the northern and southern motorways of Tenerife in the north section.

This limit now changes from 90 km per hour to 70 km per hour. Both the General Traffic Management and the Government of Tenerife, which are in charge of maintaining this road have agreed to apply this reduced speed limit due to the high number of vehicle accidents along this road.

The Association of Driving Schools of the Canary Islands also issued a message of caution this week that warned drivers that the DGT will soon install radar speed traps along this road, so that they must drive at a maximum of 70 km per hour, and hopefully reduce this very high level of accidents.

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