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Performing Arts Market of South Atlantic in Tenerife

Performing Arts Market of South Atlantic in Tenerife

Around thirty artistic and musical groups from fifteen African countries were represented in the second Mapas or performing arts market of the south Atlantic in Tenerife this week, which is a cultural space in which the invited groups offer dozens of free shows in different neighbourhoods of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Senegal is the country that sends most artists to Mapas, with a total of seven reported by the Government of Tenerife. Other artistic and musical groups came from Equatorial Guinea and Morocco with four groups, Ethiopia with three groups, Tunisia and Benin with two groups, and Burkino Faso, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Nigeria, Republic of the Congo, Niger, The Gambia, Mozambique and Cape Verde with one group from each country.

Almost 20% of the 164 artists that participated in Mapas came from the African continent, and 15 programmers and cultural managers represented 11 African countries.

In total, 143 programmers from 40 countries around the world collaborated with the 164 artists from Africa, Latin America and Southern Europe, which created an international meeting that exceeded the participation numbers of last year.

In addition to the African countries, there were representatives from the USA, Iceland, South Korea, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Romania, Norway, Venezuela, Brazil and Colombia.

The Tunisian National Theatre was just one of the amazing theatre performances enjoyed with a play called Violence, which addressed the Tunisian revolution and the constant struggle of young people in search of a free world.

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