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​California Snakes in Gran Canaria

California Snakes in Gran CanariaThis week residents of San Roque in Valsequillo and of La Gavia in Telde in Gran Canaria expressed their growing concerns about the increased appearance of California snakes very close to their homes.

The snakes have been seen in these areas for several years in these localities. Local animal experts explain that these California snakes are not native creatures of Gran Canaria, but are descendants of pet snakes previously sold in pet shops, but were then released into the wild when they grew too big for homes.

It seems that although many abandoned pets die when released into natural open spaces, California snakes have survived too successfully, but have attacked indigenous species on the island. These experts also said that this time of the year is when most snakes come to the surface, and can be easily seen.

Some of these residents of San Roque and La Gavia report that they have captured snakes and discovered many eggs in a single nest.

The Environment Ministry of the Government of Gran Canaria explained that they always respond to 112 calls from residents, and it welcomes this information, as its technicians can come and locate these nests to control the spread of the California snake population.

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