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​Shocking Autopsy Report for Bodies in Tenerife

Shocking Autopsy Report for Bodies in Tenerife

The preliminary report of the autopsy of the couple and two girls whose bodies were found this week at their home in La Orotave in Tenerife indicates the woman died of strangulation, and the children were asphyxiated, but it was two days before their bodies were discovered.

The report also indicates that the cause of death of the father of the girls and the woman’s partner was by mechanical asphyxia by hanging.

Judicial sources suggest that the preliminary results of the autopsies and other investigations by the Guardia Civil indicate the deaths were a result of family violence directed against the woman and the girls.

Sources have indicated that other hypotheses that until now were considered, such as a pact between the couple to commit suicide, are now discarded. The 40-year-old woman, 46-year-old man and the two girls aged 3 years and 5 years lived in Calle Cruz de los Martillos, where a note was found written by the man, who apparently was the last to die, but the content does not clarify anything about how the deaths took place.

Claudina Morales, Director of the Canary Islands Institute for Equality said “When we talk about victims, we do not talk about figures or statistics, but about women and minors with names and surnames. Gender violence is not a private issue and it is the responsibility and involvement of all sectors of society to eradicate sexist violence to build a fully egalitarian society.”

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