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​Municipality of La Oliva in Fuerteventura Faces Controversy Over Road

Municipality of La Oliva in Fuerteventura Faces Controversy Over Road

There has been divided opinion this week reported from the Municipality of La Oliva in Fuerteventura regarding the road that goes from El Cotillo to Piedra Playa, and raised serious arguments at the last plenary session of the City Hall.

The Municipality had planned to change the dirt road by giving approval to a specialist company with an innovative project based on technical and legal reports that would improve this rural road without causing environmental or landscape damage.

Some residents and environmental groups protested at the Town Hall debate to show their rejection of the planned works, and claim there has been a lack of information for local people and demanded other solutions.

In total, 800 metres of dirt road that currently connects El Cotillo with one of the most frequented beaches by tourists and residents, known as Piedra Playa.

However, the proposal went ahead with a majority vote, but with political parties Grupo Mixto and Votemos La Oliva voting against the motion.

It is reported that the Councillor for Highways will now take responsibility for the land occupied by this dirt road and will be in charge of executing this project.

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