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Bypass Road for Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Almost Completed

Bypass Road for Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Almost CompletedIt was announced this week that Phase 4 of the bypass road for Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has reached 90% execution thanks to the injection of 25 million euros from the Government of the Canary Islands over the last two years.

Pablo Rodriguez, Director of Public Works, visited the works this week and explained to the press that the completion of Phase 4 will connect the GC-3 with the GC-2, which will facilitate the connectivity of the municipalities of the north of Gran Canaria with the city of Las Palmas.

Currently, junction 3 at Arucas, at the intersection with the GC-20 road, is in operation through a provisional roundabout.

The final planned action consists of the execution of a link to provide this intersection with a greater capacity, so there will be a notable improvement in its operation given the significant traffic load that it supports on a daily basis.

Over the next six months, six phases of traffic deviations necessary for the construction of the final improvements are scheduled.

To do this, it will be necessary to change the configuration of this road junction, in order to keep traffic flowing smoothly while the final work is being carried out.

Pablo Rodriguez said “At this moment we are working on the completion of the upper connection network in the neighbourhood of Trasmontaña with the GC-20 road, which is practically finished with final works consisting of the construction of some walls that surround a slope that will form support walls, as well as the installation of vehicle containment systems, expansion joints and other finishing works.

Regarding the trunk of the two kilometres of highway between link 3 and link 5 the connection with the GC-2, the placement of the intermediate layer of asphalt has already been completed, and the placement of the layer of rolling, the installation of the signalling and the final works of drainage and gutters.

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