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Concerns in Tenerife for Population of Street Cats

Concerns in Tenerife for Population of Street CatsThis week the Government of Tenerife raised its concerns about the growing numbers of street cats, which is believed to be around 18,000. However, this estimate only corresponds to those cats that are registered, so the number of these cats could be much higher.

The Government of Tenerife this week requested local municipalities to be more involved in the control of these cats, but at present Tenerife only has one exclusive refuge for cats in Puerto de la Cruz that has capacity for 350 cats.

The local Animalia Group, which works hard for animal welfare and protection, said that it is proposing greater efforts are now made to capture, sterilise and release these cats, so that the population does not increase further.

The Government of Tenerife announced this week that it has earmarked 18,000 euros to carry out this programme with the help of local animal welfare groups. This is intended to solve the problem of this increasing population of street cats, but also gives a bad image to local communities, risks the spread of disease from cats not correctly vaccinated and poses a danger to local wildlife.

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