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​Las Palmas Children Learn to Save Resources and Avoid Waste

Las Palmas Children Learn to Save Resources and Avoid Waste

The city council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has organised an exhibition for students at the Formacion Profesional de Cruz de Piedra College to explain how the city deals with street cleaning and disposal of waste.

Las Palmas employs around 700 workers to keep the city clean, but this exhibition shows students that much of the waste that these workers collect each week could be avoided.

The message of this exhibition from the city council is that there could be greater saving of resources, which would prevent discarded waste items, and a solution that would not leave so much waste in the city’s streets.

This Cruz de Piedra College community has responded to this challenge, and has created a mural to demonstrate better efficiency in the collection of waste items.

It seems that many households in Las Palmas ignore recycling bins, and it is estimated that only 8% of the waste generated in the city is separated in recycling bins, which leaves 92% of household waste that is just dumped. In contrast, the separated waste bins are regularly taken to the eco park of the city to be treated and then recycled.

So hopefully, students at Cruz de Piedra College will be persuading local citizens to be more environmentally friendly with their mural, and help local city workers to keep Las Palmas clean by avoiding the waste of resources.

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