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Youth Bus Travel Scheme in Gran Canaria

Youth Bus Travel Scheme in Gran CanariaFrancisco Trujillo, Minister for Transportation of the Government of Gran Canaria this week announced that young people under the age of 28 years will be able to access unlimited travel across the island for a flat rate of 28 euros per month for use on Global buses and Guaguas Municipales buses.

The new ‘Gran Canaria Joven’ scheme is personal and non-transferable, and replaced the previous student transport voucher scheme, so that all young residents can benefit from the travel scheme, and not just those who study, and begins in September.

This discount bus transport for young people in Gran Canaria is currently only available on Global and Guaguas Municipales buses, but it is hoped to extend this to other bus companies on the island, such as Telbus and Guzman.

The objective of this initiative is to encourage young people to use public transport more, gain cheaper access to educational centres and travel for extracurricular activities, such as educational studies, sports and cultural activities.

The Government of Gran Canaria subsidises around 1,500,000 bus journeys per year with the current student voucher scheme, so that up to 25,000 young people will be able to use this new card.

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