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The Problems of Calle Miraflores in Tenerife

The Problems of Calle Miraflores in Tenerife

This week the Mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Jose Manuel Bermudez, First Deputy Mayor, Zaida Gonzalez, Eighth Deputy Mayor, Juan Jose Martinez and Town Planning Councillor, Carlos Tarife met with owners of properties in Calle Miraflores and surrounding areas. The purpose of this meeting was to find solutions for Calle Miraflores that combines conservation and the much-needed urban regeneration of this central area of Santa Cruz.

It has been widely reported that the properties on Calle Miraflores and Calle Carmen Monteverde have been the focus of controversy between the Municipality and Government Departments, and are criticised for not protecting the historical importance and heritage of this area, and should work harder to meet objective values worthy of conservation.

This meeting formally recognised the rights of the owners of these properties to request licences to carry out renovations, and to then carry these out, but Jose Manuel Bermudez suggested that they should start a channel of dialogue with the owners as a formula to jointly analyse the possible alternatives and investigate different positions.

Carlos Tarife, Councillor for Urbanism suggested studying the development of an action programme on the urban environment (PAMU), which would accommodate the recovery of facades of properties, as long as the owners agree to this with shared costs.

The parties at the meeting finally decided to meet again in September to specify different alternative strategies for overcoming the problems of Calle Miraflores and Calle Carmen Monteverde.

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