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​Ryanair Refuses to Apply the New Canary Islands Resident Discount

Ryanair Refuses to Apply the New Canary Islands Resident Discount

It is reported this week that Ryanair has withdrawn the 75% discount that is applied for all residents of the Canary Islands to travel to the Peninsular, which does not comply with the current regulations adopted by the Government of Spain.

When the Council of Ministers approved the application of 75% discount on air tickets for residents of the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, Ryanair was ordered to put this into practice on 16 July. Although other airlines offering flights from Canary Islands’ airports to the Peninsular applied this discount, Ryanair said that is was going to delay its application.

The Association of Consumers and Users of the Balearic Islands (Consubal) this week denounced Ryanair, as the 75% discount cannot be applied on its website for travel to the Peninsular. The Association said “This new irregularity of the airline is the last straw and the authorities must act forcefully against the company that continuously mocks its customers and ignores the law.”

At the time of publishing Ryanair has made no response to this complaint. Residents of the Canary Islands are advised to carefully check the Ryanair website before booking, and to consider using other airlines that are already offering the 75% discount until this irregularity is solved.

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