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Residents of Valsequillo in Gran Canaria Terrorised by the Cursed Dog

Residents of Valsequillo in Gran Canaria Terrorised by the Cursed Dog

Residents of Valsequillo in Gran Canaria normally sleep soundly throughout most of the year, but this week marked the annual return of the terrifying atmosphere that impregnates all parts of this beautiful place for one night each year. The Cursed Dog returned this week for the 31st time, and thousands of people could not stop themselves from wanting to watch this show.

This is not a morning show, or an afternoon show, or even an evening show. This Cursed Dog of Valsequillo show starts after midnight, when the lights actually go out, and the devil appears in the form of a dog. However, each year over the last 30 years this appearance has been different, so that those watching will not feel comfortable or safe. Those lucky or unlucky enough to be in Valsequillo for the Cursed Dog appearance this year saw that the Cursed Dog appeared on stilts, and was surrounded by witches, demons and other unworldly creatures.

For the first time and with no previous history of this terrorising festival, Liberdad, a local resident of Valsequillo took the role of the devil, and as this is the most popular character of all the fiestas in his locality, Liberdad is proud. He says he is proud, “because all residents of Valsequillo love this terror party, and the best thing is to be the damn dog”, he says.

Around 100 actors took part in this popular terror fest, and mostly from Valsequillo residents. These included older residents and younger residents, who did their best and quite successfully to provoke and frighten everyone else.

Liberdad explains that his role is to provoke and criticise everyone in the municipality, and even society itself. Thousand came to the Valsequillo Cursed Dog show this year, and although many were too frightened to speak, some said that this was a very “showy show, where you do not know whether to enjoy the moment or to run away.”

The midnight show with the devil appearing as the Cursed Dog ended with fireworks, which honoured the local patron saint, San Miguel. Many of those watching this frightening event probably drank a lot of beer to steady their nerves, which could also have been San Miguel. However, tourists may now return to Valsequillo with safety, and enjoy the delights of this town and region, at least for another year.

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