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​Lanzarote Artist Creates Replicas of Important Local Buildings

Lanzarote Artist Creates Replicas of Important Local Buildings

The craft artist, Ricardo Caraballo, creates replicas of the most emblematic buildings on the island of Lanzarote.

Ricardo is an expert cabinet maker, and from a very young age he became skilled in the trade of carpentry.

Sadly, 12 years ago, he had an accident that left him with one arm that he could not move.

Undaunted by this tragic accident, Ricardo began to use his carpentry skills to create replicas of buildings in Lanzarote by using all kinds of recycled materials, mud, glass and wood.

His replica artistic works include El Puente de Las Bolas or Bridge of the Balls that includes actual water, the Church of Guadalupe with its bells and lights, and the Castle of San Gabriel with moving floodgates.

Ricardo’s work is currently exhibited in Arrecife.

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