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Urgent Action to Repair Road in La Palma

Urgent Action to Repair Road in La PalmaThe Government of La Palma this week reported that the road to El Banco, on the coast of Fuencaliente, needs urgent repairs.

An agreement between the Government of La Palma and the Municipality of Fuencaliente now means that work will start to repair the damage caused on this road that puts at risk the safety of users.

This road has been the object of complaints from local residents, and it seems the problems of road safety are posed by local farmers who use this road, as well as the numerous tourists who come to this part of the coast in the southern municipality.

This report also noted that at the beginning of this year, large stones fell down the hills in this area, and caused a blockage around a banana plantation.

The investment needed to carry out these repairs exceeds 700,000 euros, and the local municipality was not able to fund this amount. This is why the Government of La Palma has agreed to jointly finance the urgent action needed to repair this important road.

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