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​Photo Competition in El Hierro includes Hiking and Nature

Photo Competition in El Hierro includes Hiking and Nature

The Municipality of La Frontera in El Hierro has just organised the third Fototrek Competition with 67 enrolled this year, which has been arranged with the collaboration of the El Hierro Government and various companies representing the island and from other places.

The entrants include professional and amateur photographers in the photo contest that combines hiking and nature photography. This competition also links with Smartphone Fototrek and with Instagram.

This event begins on October 7, and participants will be hiking across El Hierro from 11 to 15 October to capture their best photo images of what they witness. Fototrek El Hierro 2017 will announce the trails planned in the days prior to the competition, so that no participant will be able to prepare for the event, and that all have an equal chance of winning, and to generate a sense of expectation of the proposed trails.

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