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​Fire Damages Many Cars in Jinamar in Gran Canaria

Fire Damages Many Cars in Jinamar in Gran CanariaPolicia Nacional has begun an investigation into the causes of a fire that damaged 26 vehicles parked on public roads in Jinamar in the Municipality of Telde in Gran Canaria this week.

It is reported that two people had mild health problems and several residents in nearby homes were affected by the large amount of smoke generated by this fire during the night.

Calls to the emergency services saw a rapid response from the Gran Canaria Emergency Consortium, the Fire and Rescue Service of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the Canary Emergency Service and Policia Local and Policia Nacional.

Firefights extinguished the flames and then ventilated the buildings affected by the smoke, and medical teams attended to the two people with health problems, a woman with respiratory difficulty and a man with a slight wound on his arm, but neither needed transfer to a health centre.

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