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​A New Life in La Gomera

A New Life in La Gomera

Good news was reported from the island of La Gomera this week.

The ambulance service was called this week in La Gomera to attend a mother about to give birth, and needed some help from medical professionals.

All proceeded well by transferring the mother into the ambulance to take her to hospital for safe delivery of her baby, but the ambulance team were forced to stop halfway from the hospital.

This baby clearly did not want to wait any longer, and so the ambulance pulled off the road and little Lucas was born.

Care was given to both baby and mother, and they then all continued their journey to the hospital for further checks. The ambulance medical team were delighted with the safe birth of little Lucas, but also reported that this had been their first delivery in an ambulance.

As for mother and baby, both were checked at the hospital, and Lucas was weighed at 3 kilos and is perfectly well, and mother is very happy and well. Both mother and baby quickly returned to their home, after quite a day!

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