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Peculiar Museums in the Canary Islands

Peculiar Museums in the Canary IslandsAlthough many tourists visit all the Canary Islands, it is likely that they may not know the wide range of interesting, weird, strange and peculiar museums that are currently open to the public. All the Canary Islands have centres of art or interpretation that give different perspectives on history, architecture and sculpture.

In La Palma, works of art are accessible to residents and tourists 24 hours a day and every day of the year.

Gran Canaria has the Museo Canaria in the historic neighbourhood of Las Palmas that displays the life of those who inhabited the island from the earliest times of history, and some exhibition rooms are intended to attract the youngest visitors to explore history with fun.

In La Gomera, the oldest and most symbolic building on the island, the Torre del Conde, is a central draw for many visitors, while Fuerteventura proudly hosts a cheese museum.

In Tenerife, many people are drawn to discover more about the gardens and Las Piramides de Guimar, or the pyramids of Guimar.

All the Canary Islands are volcanic in origin, and many tourists in El Hierro want to discover more about the current seismic activity of the island, and the Volcano Interpretation Centre is a very popular attraction.

However, for those who want to visit a really peculiar museum when visiting the Canary Islands, they should head to Lanzarote to uncover their passion for art and the sea, as this is the location of the first Underwater Museum in Europe viewed by scuba divers or from glass bottom boats.

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