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No Date Yet for New Road Improvements in Canary Islands

No Date Yet for New Road Improvements in Canary IslandsThe Government of the Canary Islands this week issued a statement that said it was “highly concerned” that there has been no date set for signing an agreement with the Ministry of Development for new road improvements, which would mean an investment of around 2,000 million euros over 8 years, and massive numbers of jobs in public works for all the islands.

In statements to the media at the end of the meeting with the Ministry of Development, Pablo Rodriguez, vice president of the Canary Islands Government said, “There have been good words, but despite the apparent goodwill, the Canary Islands still has no date to sign an agreement that would respond to the needs of all the islands.”

Jose Luis Abalos, Minister of Development is now urged by the vice president to place the Canary Islands among his priorities, and reminded the Minister that he had already committed to give a date for signing the agreement.

The Ministry has explained “The Government has just arrived in office, and some matter have been priorities and others will be done soon. It is guaranteed that the agreement will be signed before the end of the year.”

Pablo Rodriguez responded by saying “The agreement should be signed before the end of the year and if possible this September.”

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