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​Special Award for Neighbourhood Association in Fuerteventura

Special Award for Neighbourhood Association in FuerteventuraThis week it was announced that the Neighbourhood Association Montaña del Cuervo of the Panchito Ramos de Tuineje region in Fuerteventura has been awarded the Fuerteventura Embellishment Award in the Biosphere Villages and Neighbourhoods category for their work to improve Lajares Mill.

The Government of Fuerteventura created and launched this contest last year with the aim of rewarding and encouraging local residents’ commitment to the care and improvement of the landscape environment of the island.

The Lajares Mill was a proposal of the Municipality of La Oliva, as this protected heritage had faced abandonment and oblivion, the ravages of time and the negligence of its owners.

Marisol Martin, widow of Jose Luis Fernandez, began in 2017 to restore the Lajares Mill with her own funds.

Andres Fernandez Franquiz, father of Jose Luis Fernandez, bought it in 1951 in Tiscamanita for 5,000 pesetas, and moved it to Lajares, where he used it to ground gofio from local farmers and smallholders until the 1970s.

The neighbourhood association says that it has been recognised for promoting and implementing the Cleaning and Beautification Plan of the neighbourhood, a project that has been carried out since 2012.

Among its objectives are to inculcate values to raise awareness from an early age of the importance of living in a pleasant and appropriate environment, and to involve families, through activities of participating in cleaning and enhancing the environment, so that they become educating agents and transmitters of these values.

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