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Archaeologists Discover Ancient Engraved Rock in Gran Canaria

Archaeologists Discover Ancient Engraved Rock in Gran CanariaArchaeologists who had been exploring the ancient Guanche temple of La Fortaleza in the Municipality of Santa Lucia de Tirajana have found an important archaeological item in a defined space called structure 7.

This finding is a block of basalt with engravings of linear markings that are dated to the pre-Hispanic era, and these engraving by Canarian aborigines or Guanche provide new evidence of early culture and society in the Canary Islands.

This finding is unique as it is a stone that was part of a mural, and later reused as construction material for an aboriginal house. This basalt block measures 52 cm in length with engravings made with rock, and not with metallic materials.

The researchers now believe that these line drawings were used to calculate time or displayed an emblem.

This finding is reported to be a milestone, because it highlights that there could be many similar engravings, which were believed to be engraved with metallic materials and dated after the Spanish Conquest, but were actually engraved with rock and belong to the pre-Hispanic era of Gran Canaria.

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