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​Residents Became Actors of History of Tegueste in Tenerife

Residents Became Actors of History of Tegueste in Tenerife

Tegueste in Tenerife just held its event held called La Librea with the help of over 600 local residents.

This involved local people from Tegueste representing the customs and traditions of the 17thCentury, and to thank their patron, the Virgin of the Los Remedios, for protecting them from pests, epidemics and attacks by pirates.

The Municipality of Tegueste described this magical night as of Cultural Interest.

Time was turned back to the year of 1600, and 600 residents became actors to represent what life was like in Tegueste, when English pirates were continually attacking the town, and performed an amazing spectacle for those watching and learning about history through drama.

This amazing night brought to life history and traditions, but is only celebrated every four years, so the next spectacular will be in September 2022!

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