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Tenerife Tourists Stranded by Ryanair Strike

Tenerife Tourists Stranded by Ryanair Strike

Tenerife South Airport faced serious problems this week when four Ryanair flights were cancelled due to strike action by cabin crew of this airline.

This one day strike involved cabin crew in six European countries, which led to the airline cancelling 158 flights (79 round-trip connections), 64 of these in Spain, and of these, four that affected Tenerife South Airport.

Lucia Gajdova, member of USO in Ryanair Tenerife, indicated that the flights cancelled at Tenerife South Airport included those destined for Treviso and Bergamo in Italy, Eindhoven in the Netherlands and Knock in Ireland, and also said that each plane would normally carry around 180 passengers.

Tourists affected by the cancellation of these four flights in Tenerife South Airport were left waiting for more information about their situation at the Ryanair office.

Lucia Gajdova explained “In Tenerife, there are about a hundred cabin crew and around 50 pilots, and the reason for the strike is that they claim their right to have a working contract with the standards of the country in which they work.”

This Ryanair strike has also affected flights from Portugal, Italy, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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