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More Giant Lizards Reported in El Hierro

More Giant Lizards Reported in El Hierro

The Government of El Hierro reports that so far this month, 105 giant lizards have been born, which is an important achievement, as the Giant Lizard of El Hierro is an endangered species.

These births have taken place in the Recovery Centre of the Giant Lizard of El Hierro in El Golfo Valley, and is described as an excellent figure by Hector Hernandez, Environment Minister of the Government of El Hierro.

It is reported that these 105 births are the product of fourteen giant lizards laying eggs from a total of sixteen females reared in captivity.

Therefore, each female has produced between six and fifteen eggs in this current project (126 eggs in total, which has resulted in 105 new giant lizards, and close to the record of 107 hatches in previous years.

These new giant lizards will be destined for the future reinforcement of the population of natural habitats, which is subject to a new census study that should allow scientists to determine the success of this recovery plan.

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