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Lanzarote Ambulance Technician Stole Credit Cards from Dead Woman

Lanzarote Ambulance Technician Stole Credit Cards from Dead WomanA 29-year-old woman working as an ambulance emergency technician has been detained by National Police officers in Arrecife, as the alleged perpetrator of the crimes of theft and fraud.

The ambulance technician stole the bank cards from a woman while carrying out an emergency response, but the woman died and she then used these cards to make purchases through the Internet worth 1,453 euros. She also tried to make other charges for a total amount of 2,087 euros that were denied by the bank.

National Police report that two ambulances attended the scene of the incident, and despite resuscitation procedures performed by the ambulance staff, the woman died.

After this woman’s death, her husband reported to the police that numerous charges had been made on their joint current account, where charges of 1,453 euros were taken from his bank account, but other payments were taken and then rejected by the bank.

These charges to the joint account were made with two bank cards, which the woman had been carrying with her belongings at the time of her death. The charges to the joint bank account were carried out through the Internet from different shops and through hotel reservation websites.

The police investigation into this crime eventually concluded that the cards had been used by the ambulance technician who had attended the woman at the site of the incident, and had assisted her before she died.

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