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​Young Men Arrested for Robbing Churches in Tenerife

Young Men Arrested for Robbing Churches in Tenerife

The Policia Nacional has arrested three young men with numerous police records for six robberies with force from churches in Tenerife.

Five of the churches are located in the Anaga area of the Municipality of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and one in Punta de Hidalgo de La Laguna.

Those arrested had been posing as tourists to observe these churches before the robberies. They are also charged with a robbery in San Miguel de Abona.

Several jewels belonging to the different churches were recovered, and a vehicle used in the robberies has been seized.

One of the robberies was on 11 August in the church of Punta de Hidalgo, and occurred while the pastor was staying overnight in the interior of the church. When he heard loud blows at one of the entrances to the church he telephoned the police. When police officers arrived at this church, they found a broken window, but the robbers had left the area.

The rest of the robberies occurred during the first months of the year, and the Policia Nacional report that their investigations were greatly helped by information passed to them by local residents living near these churches. After analysing all the information collected from the victims and witnesses, the police managed to identify those responsible for the robberies, and four young people between the ages of 20 and 25 years have now been arrested.

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