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​Illegal Airport Transfers in Gran Canaria Monitored by Police

Illegal Airport Transfers in Gran Canaria Monitored by PolicePolice and airport security officers have been monitoring the activities of taxis and other vehicles transporting passengers to the airport of Gran Canaria. This follows claims by the Municipalities of Telde and Ingenio that there are many people operating illegal and unlicensed taxi services to transport air travellers from tourist centres to the airport, which is damaging the incomes of licenced taxi drivers operating in Gran Canaria.

Juan Martel, Councillor for Safety and Transport for Telde said, “After a series of meetings to specify aspects of coordination and collaboration of local police forces and police from other sectors, we aim to monitor the activities of vehicles that appear to be transporting passengers illegally to and from the airport.”

Juan Martel also took this opportunity to meet with representatives of the taxi sector based at the airport, who have supported the involvement of police officers to inspect and regulate the transport of people, and he also said, “This will guarantee the improvement of the taxi service that collects new arrivals at the airport and when passengers need to be taken to the airport when they leave the island.”

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