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​Illegal Wooden Building in La Palma Advertised as Holiday Rental Property

Illegal Wooden Building in La Palma Advertised as Holiday Rental PropertyTwo people in La Palma are currently being investigated for not only advertising a holiday rental property in a rural, protected area of the Municipality of Garafia in La Palma, but also of constructing the house, or the rectangular wooden building described by officers of the Guardia Civil.

The Guardia Civil officers who are part of the Detachment of Protection of Nature of La Caldera de Taburiente (DEPRONA) of Santa Cruz de La Palma are now interviewing a 33-year-old man and a 41-year-old woman as alleged perpetrators of a crime against violating this area of protected status.

Those investigated, as promoters and builders, are accused of the construction of a rectangular wooden building of 40 square metres, with an annex as a covered porch for a kitchen, as well as an outdoor bathroom in the back of this construction, which is located near the Cueva de Agua, which is protected by the Municipality of Garafia.

The Municipality of Garafia has issued a report on the legality of this wooden construction advertised as a holiday rental property, which confirms that it lacks all required authorisations, and being sited in a rural landscape would not have been authorised. Therefore, proceedings are being taken against the accused as alleged perpetrators of an offence against the ordination of the territory in the Court of Los Llanos de Aridane.

The Guardia Civil also reports that it has evidence that the building has been used as a tourist rental property.

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