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​Road Repairs in El Hierro Could be Illegal

Road Repairs in El Hierro Could be IllegalThe refurbishment work of an historic road in San Salvador in El Hierro could now be judged illegal.

These are works to prepare an agricultural track that goes from Las Toscas to Malnombre, and this project has already been awarded an investment of 158,000 euros.

Members of the Ossinisa ecological group have been demanding the Government of El Hierro publish all necessary documentation, as these protesters claim to have evidence that crimes have been incurred against Territorial Planning and Historical Heritage laws.

Some time ago, Ossinisa announced a complaint against the Government of El Hierro before the Transparency Commissioner, but were unable to consult the project documentation.

The Government of El Hierro has now decided to stop this road project work until all the appropriate reports have been completed and published for public access.

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