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Road Infrastructure in Tenerife Described as in Crisis

Road Infrastructure in Tenerife Described as in CrisisThe Provincial Federation of Construction Entities in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, FEPECO, this week called for the support of all political parties to make sure the new road agreement can be signed as soon as possible.

Fepeco emphasised that reactivating the road infrastructure project would create more jobs and the island would be able to recover employment figures before the crisis.

Fepeco also said that Tenerife is a “collapsed and disjointed island despite the fact that its policy makers charge very good salaries to solve their mobility problems, and have taken detours like the Bus Vao lane project instead of carrying out the road infrastructure that was planned for 12 years.”

Oscar Izquierdo, President of Fepeco, has affirmed that the signing of the road agreement between the State and Canarian administrations is ‘key’ because the lack of corresponding investments prevents stable economic growth. He also said, “There is no reasonable excuse that the central government can argue for not signing the agreement, and clearly the state government does not understand the Canary Islands and ‘pamper’ the peninsular and ignore the islands.”

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