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Dangerous Criminals Arrested in Gran Canaria

Dangerous Criminals Arrested in Gran CanariaFour men aged 37, 40, 43 and 47 years of age and with numerous police records were arrested this week by agents of the Policia Nacional, as alleged perpetrators of crime against property.

Those arrested are accused of carrying out robberies in a short period of time in nine commercial establishments in Telde and Las Palmas, in two private houses and from 13 vehicles parked on public roads.

While two of the detainees carried out the robberies, the other two waited for them in a stolen vehicle that was used to escape from the scene of the crime. They are accused of stealing jewels of great value, over 2,800 euros in cash, documentation and various personal items. They used a knife to threaten different employees of the establishments and also stole the collection of cash registers.

Last September, police investigated a report of two residents, who said they had been robbed inside their respective homes in the Municipality of Telde, after windows and doors had been forced to gain access for the robberies. These victims of robbery informed police that they were robbed of high-value jewels and cash.

Earlier in October, police received a call from the employee of a bar in Melenara in Telde, who reported that he had just been the victim of a robbery. He told police officers that two customers went behind the bar and opened the cash register. He tried to stop them, but was threatened by an individual with a knife, who then took all the cash.

On the same day, police reported a call from an employee of a central parking lot in Las Palmas, and learned the victim had been subjected to robbery with violence. The victim tried to stop the robbers, but received numerous blows and punches from the attackers, who then fled the scene without taking any money. The victim was taken to the health centre to deal with the injuries he suffered.

The police investigation has now allowed the identification of two individuals, aged 37 years and 40 years, with numerous police records for similar acts, as alleged perpetrators of robberies with violence.

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