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​Gran Canaria Sports Centre Café Closes and Workers Lose Jobs

Gran Canaria Sports Centre Café Closes and Workers Lose Jobs

The livelihoods of 12 workers in Arucas in the north of Gran Canaria this week hangs by a thread, and hearing the devastating news that the cafeteria where they work will close at the end of October. The sports centre building belongs to the Municipality of Arucas, which does not intend to renew the current contract.

The owner of the cafeteria at the sports centre had been trying to extend the concession over the last seven years, they have not received an answer until this week, and the Town Hall of Arucas is making preparations to evict the current owner of the café.

The Town Council has repeated its intention to regain control of this property, and Mayor Juan Jose Facundo said “The resolution is clear, we will proceed to close the business, and they have fifteen days to leave. After that period, we will proceed with a new tender to operate the cafeteria, and the current operators can also participate.”

The current operator has appealed to the local court, but meanwhile the sports centre café in Arucas will close its doors by the end of October.

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