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​Lanzarote Debates Tourism and Sustainability

Lanzarote Debates Tourism and Sustainability

Lanzarote held an international conference called ‘Sustainability as a key competitive factor in the tourism industry’ and was hosted at Jameos del Agua Centre to examine an important part of a key sector of the economy of Lanzarote.

This conference had two objectives. The first is to ensure that the tourism industry recognises the sustainability of its territory, as well as its strategic role in the face of competitive future markets. The second objective is to create and define a master plan where the tourist sector has a voice and a vote. This was organised by the Tourism, Culture and Sports Department of the Canary Islands Government and UNESCO.

Isaac Castellano, Minister for Tourism in this department said that sustainability and tourism must walk together so that the Canary Islands can remain leaders, as this is an indispensible factor to remain competitive in the largest industry of these islands. He also recalled that it was the island of Lanzarote that was one of the first Spanish territories to promote sustainability from the beginning of tourist development on the island. Also, he reminded everyone at this conference that the first World Charter on Sustainable Tourism agreed in 1995 was first developed in Lanzarote, and later reissued in 2015 in Vitoria.

The Minister for Tourism also said that it was no coincidence that the Canary Islands have ensured that their tourism leadership has remained compatible with the declaration of seven Biosphere Reserves that recognises the harmonious relationship between human activity and the space in which it develops.

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